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Cities in West Yorkshire


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Bradford is one of the m0ost populated cities in England. It is located at the bottom of the hills of pennines, northwest of Wakefield and east of Leeds. Bradford changed into place of international tourism after the industrial movement was over.

Bradford was world famous for its wool. But over time the industry declined as development was not sustainable and also very harmful to the environment. Today the large chimneys that churned out tones of black smoke everyday have been converted into monuments to be visited by tourists.

Bradford also has a number of parks, four theatres, museums, etc. It is recognized as a town that attached importance to culture. The most astonishing and surprising fact about Bradford is that nearly a quarter of the city total population are Muslims, Muslims who had migrated from Pakistan.

But the people of Bradford, who are Christians have learned to co-live with them. The people of Bradford thus are very open-minded as being in a city with the second largest Muslim population in U.K is the specialty of this little town.

Courtesy the huge Muslim population, there are a number of shops that offer traditional clothing. The Salwar kameez used by the Indians and Pakistanis are similar. Finding a Salwar with handmade designs will not be a surprise.

Shopping for accessories and saris in one of the many independent privately owned shops will be a surprising experience. The store owners are extremely friendly and picking up a little souvenir at a little Indian shop will help you understand the depth of the parallel cultures that runs in Bradford.

You can pick up anything from Bindis to well designed saris to mojris to any type of Indian clothing in one of the several Indian stores in Bradford. Wearing a kurta Pyjama outfit once in a while to show your Indian connection or affinity to the east is a excellent option and the best place to make it happen is Bradford.

Some good Indian stores in Bradford are: