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Birmingham is located in England and has a huge Asian population. It is very heavily populated and was a major player during the industrial revolution. With a 21% of the entire population dominated by Asians, mainly migrating to study in the world renowned universities in the city.

The Indian population in the city of Birmingham is large too. It has a rich culture when it comes to music and readily accepts secular music, it also accepts Bollywood music well. Birmingham has close to 2000 buildings which are recognized as ancient monuments. This is relatively a very small part of the magnificent buildings that occupied the city of Birmingham, most of them were destroyed during the Second world war.

Traveling inside Birmingham is a pleasure as it is well connected by bus, tram and local trains. Due to the heavy Indian and Asian population in the city, there are a number of shops for shopping Indian products. You can get anything ranging from Indian spices to Bridal wear. This is a symbol of the multi culture of the city, and why the city is one of the most livable in the world.

The most used clothing in India is the churidar and getting them in London is easy. But Birmingham is also a great place to pick up the latest in Indian fashion. Stoles of India are famous across the world and you can pick up wonderfully decorated hand made stoles in these shops.

Sparkbrook and Sparkhill areas house a number of Asian shops. And if you are looking for something to express your Indian connection this will be the right place in the city to pick up your churidar or lehenga.

You also have a choice to pick your other shopping needs from the number of huge shopping malls in this beautiful city. Some Shops that you must visit are: