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Aberdeen is one of Scotland largest cities. It is the third most populated city in Scotland preceded by Glasgow and Edinburgh. The city enjoys an oceanic climate. Twilight during summers and shortened days during winters, still the city has the mildest climate for a city located do far up north.

Aberdeen city has been inhabited by humans for over 8000 years, which means naturally that the country will have a wonderful history. Fishing, Shipbuilding, textiles and paper making are the traditional industries of this scenic city.

Aberdeen city is famous for its large open spaces and takes pride in its collection of Victorian era marble architectural marvels. Most structures in the city are of marble and thus it looks sparkling clean and new. Aberdeen city is also called Silver city because buildings use locally mined granite that has shards of mica that shine on contact with sunrays.

Aberdeen has such diverse shopping options that people from as far as Norway are attracted and visit. The George street and Union street are the cities main streets. These streets are also traditionally recognized as the main shopping areas.

Aberdeen also boasts of having exclusive stores of a long list of National and International brands. Aberdeen also hosts collections a number of upcoming designers who price very reasonably. For someone who understands fashion, Aberdeen would be paradise. The variety you would find in George street in Aberdeen is different from what you find in the high streets of London or Glasgow. You could pick up anything from traditional to designer to outdoor clothing at discounted rates at several stores.

Aberdeen is also known for its magnificent shopping malls. The experience you will get entering one of them is unexplainable. But in one sentence you can say that Its all of Scotland fashion and fun in one building.

Some excellent shopping malls are: