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Southall is famous throughout the world for its Broadway. Southall is located in the London Borough of Ealing, It is about 12 kms away from the London so it is classified as a suburban district. Southall has a few very special connections with India.

It can be called as mini India as there is such a huge Indian population there. It almost feels like home, being surrounded by people of your country. The concentration is so high that only 10% of the total population of the city is local. The remaining 90% are immigrants who came to work at factories around the city and then settled down here due to the opportunities.

Southall is one of the most famous destinations for Indians London. It is stocked with the best Indian shops in the country. The street has a complete Indian feeling where you can pick up a good bargain and friendly shop keepers. Whatever you get in India you can get at Southall that is the mantra of the people.

A shopping experience that will take Asians close to home and unique to foreigners you can get only at Southall. The little shops here have choices that will suit your taste. You can pick up hairclips or clothing. Casual wear or party wear you can get anything that is truly Indian here. People from London who want to wear something on a special day choose to travel to this world famous shopping street.

Southall is very affordable it is not lavish. You can also get rich and expensive attire for a special day. Hand made traditional Indian clothing for the Patriotic Indian. Bindis, Bangles, Jewelry the list keeps growing longer by the day. If you are the kind of person who likes to bargain you can so it with the street- traders who dot the street at regular intervals.

Few shops that you should never miss when in Southall are: