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Green Street is Mecca for Asian shoppers in London. Green Street has a large percentage of Asian population. Green Street is in the London Borough of Newham. 8kms away from the city of London it is easily accessible by public transport. The borough is famous for minorities of several ethnic cultures.

Tourists who come to London have a new experience as the city is such a vibrant mix of cultures and style. London is one of the worlds famous fashion hotspots. High streets of London is something that is talked about world over, there is also another face of London a face that welcomes ethnic cultures with warmth.

Green street has got a variety of shops on which the Indian shops hold an equally important role. The Damini Saress in London. This fashion shop in London has got printed sarees and other Indian items on its role. On your trip to Green Street, this Shop can delight you. Punjabi suits & Jewellary can be gotten in the Apsara Novelties which is on 276, Green Street Forest Gate, London. There are several other spots to eat and dine Indian food. The Alauddin Sweet Meat, The Amita Restaurant are some important places.

Green Street is one fine example of this. The options you have to shop here are mind boggling and it is frequented not only by the Asian population but also by the local population here. The saree is an outfit that has global appeal and finding a true Indian saree in a foreign country will be a hard task.

But if you can find Green Street you can be sure that you have found the answer. You can pick up anything that is Asian from Ear rings, to Sarees, to Food. There are a number of shops that showcase Asian designer creations and also other shops that provide the best that you would find while street shopping in India or anywhere in Asia for that matter.

There are several shops that specialize in bridal wear. For the beautiful Asian bride Green Street provides solutions from decorative clothing to accessories like bangles, ear rings, necklaces, etc. There are even stores that specialize in mehendi designs. Salwar Kameez, lehenga, Kurta Pyjama name the outfit and you will be sure to find it in the little boutiques at Green Street.

Some recommended shops in Green Street are: