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Turbans The Authentic Adornment

An Indian wedding is the occasion of royal happiness with love, hope, and inspiration added with the pretty costumes! It is always said to be the most colorful to witness! India being the rich pool of vibrant dressing never sets to be a complete occasion until you dress up!

Let it be the bride or the groom, your wedding apparels and accessories should be unseen and unforgettable! It should be like your arrival should herald the crowd and prolong till your departure! This has actually become a custom in every wedding. As bride has several things to don her beauty and look exclusive, Groom is also no less in grooming on his special day.

Grooms Adornments:

Although you have so many accessories to be donned yet there are a few that is always said to be more traditional and a must wear. Wedding Pagri or Turbans or safas are always considered to be the one that is a must in the wedding. Moreover, considered to be the authentic wear for an Indian man.

Turbans/Safas - Being the accessory that symbolizes the self-respect, prosperity, and dynamic personality of a man, Turbans are worn by all the close family members apart from the Groom. Turbans are nothing but head wear worn mostly by pious people and it plays a vital role in the Indian weddings. It is also a part of grooms wear. People give more importance to these pagdis.

There are different ranges of turbans available in the market according to the different place and religion. They are also available in almost all materials like Zari, Ghat chola, Chuneri, and many more. All contemporary turbans come in many shapes, sizes, and colors.

For a Punjabi groom the safas are made up of silk cloth mostly the “Bandhini style” mostly adorned with beautiful embroidery of beads and dubka.

The Rajastani safas, mostly worn by the common Rajathani people is customarily made of the common Banarasi fabric.

The Grooms Turbans are the most special among the others and thus has the special range of fabric and beautifully designed with threads work and beads, and the extraordinary brooch or a cage to make it look heavier and befit the occasion. These exclusive ranges of safas are now in Cbazaar! Choose the Turbans as per your fashion and colors!

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