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Silk Personality

Seen the beautiful woman walk down the road and wondered, how does she manages to carry herself so gracefully? Ever felt the rocking question quivering up your mind: Will I look as graceful or maybe as sexy? And, did it ever come to your thoughts, that it's got more to do with personality than the clothes or color?? Lucky for you, these are not only your questions. Many more have the same doubts.

And try to live with this myth! Most of our personality hits with what it gets in life and accepts the mythos. Do you think it is right to pacify your inner urge of style! Sense what exactly your personality is linked within!

Let’s try to break the myth!

We are what we are. Our temparements, our ethnicity, our lifestyle, and our culture do the churning of our heart and mind. We define our styles through our choicest, colors, and textures. We are the outcome of our hearts. There are a few common textures that struck you to move on to next.

We all know silk is one such fabric that easily attracts. Women fall not only for its beauty but also because we know the fact that one who owns silk fabrics has big benefits like healthy skin and overall good health. And our heart sinks for SILK!

We bind up for shopping silk but how many of us know what silk would exactly relate to our personality. Hmm... Another question to shudder you up again!

Would you like to discover what silk would suit your personality?

Then have a look at the type of silk and the personality that would go together. It is definitely not necessary that all individuals should have only one characteristic, it may be like you may have more than one.

Give a start, get to know your silk personality!

The Vivacious Personality: You are usually lively, sparkling, and carefree type.

Suitable Silk: Since you are carefree type your silk depends mostly on your mood. You would either go for the gaudy full of work done raw silk and at the calm mood your choice of silk in milder shades

Color: Never know what would be your choice because it completely depends on your mood.

Occasions: You always want more comfort rather than the choice of silk. So mostly for occasions you look stunningly beautiful even in that simple raw silk sarees. So guys choose any suit in raw silk will make you look the best in the crowd.

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