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Buy Women Zardosi Saree Online at Best Prices in Cbazaar

Zardozi work is a type of embroidery done on garments that is very popular in Iran, India and Pakistan. The word 'zardozi' is derived from Persia and it means sewing with gold string.


This style of embroidery has been in existence in India from the time of the Rig Veda. It flourished in the time of Mughal Emperor Akbar's reign. Under the rule of Aurangzeb, the royal patronage stopped and this led to the decline of the craft. Since the cost was high and raw materials quite rare, craftsmen could not carry on with the embroidery on their own. Many craftsmen left Delhi and went to the courts of Rajasthan and Punjab in search of work. With the 18th and 19th century bringing industrialization, the craft suffered another setback. It was only after receiving independence in the year 1947 that the Indian government undertook steps to promote Zari embroidery. But even today, it still holds popularity in Lucknow, Bhopal, Hyderabad, Delhi, Agra, Kashmir, Mumbai, Ajmer and Chennai.

Zardozi work is basically metal embroidery that was much preferred and beloved by the Kings and Royals for their attire. It was also used to adorn walls of the royal tents, scabbards, wall hangings and other paraphernalia of regal elephants and horses. Zardozi embroidery work involves making elaborate designs, using gold and silver threads. Further adding to the magnificence of the work are studded pearls and precious stones.

There are several anecdotes that mention the use of zari embroidery as ornamentation on the attire of gods and deities. Initially, the embroidery was done with pure silver wires and real gold leaves. However, today, craftsmen make use of a combination of copper wire, with a golden or silver polish, and a silk thread.

This form of embroidery has gained a lot of importance and attention in the past few years as more and more women seem to be option for zardozi embroidered saris. In recent times, celebrities like Karisma Kapoor, Shruti Hassan, Vidya Balan and Samantha have been spotted sporting gorgeous designer sarees on various occasions. Take a cue from these lovely ladies and invest in a zardosi saree on your next purchase. You could also check out Cbazaar's range of zardosi sarees that can be delivered to your doorstep all over the US and Canada.

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