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Buy Women Tussar Silk Saree

Buy Women Tussar silk Saree Online at Best Prices in Cbazaar

Normally all Silk varieties in India are very popular almost all around the World. This is mainly because Indian Silk saris have the rich quality of designs, weaving, and other handwork. The unique traditional touch of Indian Silk Sarees is well known for its glistening exquisiteness and the incomparable range of designs and colors.

Among the others, Tussar is an unique variety of silk also known as Kosa Silk. It is mainly obtained from the silk worms that breed on the local wild trees like Saja and Sai. This Wild Silk sarees are manufactured mainly in India. Tussar is durable and less expensive when compared to other cultivated silk fabrics. This is mainly because of its short fibre length. Moreover the Tussar Silk is known for its rich texture and the natural color in it.

These Silk Sarees are in fact known to be the best among the other Indian textiles. Embellished with all handicrafts like exclusive embroidery, kalmkari, chikankari, block prints, and many other hand works. The silk used to create sarees is exquisite as the cocoons are grown in the special wild trees and this is the reason the saree has its smooth texture and weaving pattern.

The production of Tussar silk saree is interesting. The cocoons of the specially grown silk worm in those special wild trees are collected and boiled to extract the silk yarn. Thus, deep boiling would result in providing the silk extraction easier.

The main quality of Tussar: These Tussar Silk Sarees are said to be the living example of the excellent craftsman ship of the weavers in India.

* Rich in coarse texture

* Makes you feel extremely comfortable

* Blends with all natural shades

Indian living in US and Canada are still eager to purchase this exclusive variety and style up their Indian tradition with full of pride. Do shop all Tussar variety of products from Cbazaar and enjoy the traditional essence of India.

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