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Buy Pattu Sarees Online Online

The South Indian bride still prefers to wear the traditional silk saree on the occasion of her wedding. With changing times, trends in sarees are also changing. Retailers in South India are well known for their innovations in sarees. This matter attempts to throw light on the latest innovations in sarees in the silk and temple area of South India. Some of the significant innovations in silk sarees by South Indian retailers are in a great competition for the colour combination, quality, designs and the price.The saree-shirt combo .The famous pattu saree online retailers have launched the concept of a saree-shirt combination, which is known as Jodi Pattu.

They have designed Sarees with a matching shirt piece, which is meant for the ladys husband. Both the saree and the shirt are made of pure handloom silk. The saree has a beautiful embroidered pallu and matching embroidery is done on the shirt piece too.The color-changing saree -few saree Silks has also come up with the concept of a silk saree that changes color. The colour of the saree will change, when the model moves out from her house. The pattu saree online retailer claims that this is the first ever color-changing saree to be developed in the world. This is another innovative concept in silk sarees by Indian designers. They have designed a saree with four different but matching pallus. Each of these pallus has an attached zip. The wearer of the saree can easily detach one pallu and attach another. This saree is popularly known as Zip-n-wear saree.

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