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Buy Women Kancheepuram Silk Saree


Buy Women Kancheepuram Saree Online at Best Prices in Cbazaar

A Kanchipuram saree, also commonly known as a Kanjivaram sari among South Indian locals, is a kind of saree traditionally made by weavers from Kanchipuram which is a small town located in Tamil Nadu, India. This town has a rich history of weavers who have been making these sarees for a very long time, as part of a sacred tradition that has been handed down from one generation to the other since centuries. These sarees are woven naturally and are considered to be of the highest quality and can be easily distinguished by its wide contrast borders.

A Kancheepuram saree can cost anywhere between US $43 to US $1,700 or more depending upon the intricacy of work, colors, pattern, material used like zari, gold thread etc. But they are definitely worth the price as the work on these saris are unparalleled and unmatched by those of any other designer or brand in the world. In a bid to preserve their authenticity, since 2005, Kanchipuram saris are protected by a Geographical Indication label, certifying their origin.

Kanchipuram sarees can often be characterized by motifs of suns, moons, chariots, peacocks, parrots, swans, lions, coins, mangoes and leaves that are woven into patterns across the body of the sari. Other common motifs include a jasmine bud within a square or a round frame, locally known as mallinaggu. Another is Thandavalam where parallel lines run across the body of the Sari.

Kancheepuram sarees woven with heavy silk and gold cloth are considered to be special and are worn on occasions and festivities only. It is considered to be a matter of great pride for a South Indian bride to don herself in a bright Kancheepuram saree on the day of her wedding. These saris are a much treasured and cherished vital part of every South Indian bride's trousseau.

Not only for bridal wear, Kancheepuram silk saris are considered to be dignified and suitable attire for South Indian women across all age groups, for any festival, religious rituals or special occasion. The true beauty and value of a Kanchipuram saree lies in the fact that it is enriched by pure gold in the motifs. These motifs are incorporated into the sari by dipping the silk threads into liquid gold and silver. These saris are hand woven using the highest quality silk and pure gold thread.

These saris are available in an astounding variety of color combinations and contrasts that speak volumes by themselves. Designer silk sarees come with embroidery or embellishments with crystals. The demand of this saree is such that people from all over the country and the world descend upon this small town to find the perfect Kanchipuram saree for themselves.

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