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Wearing a sari need not be a reason not to look trendy. Any simple sari can be made to look not only trendy but ultra stylish, if worn with a designer blouse. With more and more women embracing saree as a style statement, designer blouse has become the latest rage in fashion circuit. And with all Bollywood divas making notable appearances in these designer blouses, this trend is here to stay.

Designer blouses have made it possible for women to attain with ease all desired looks even in traditional attire like sari. Off shoulders, halter necks, tie up necklines, boat necks, noodle straps, backless are quite haute and in vogue these days. Gone are the days when all saris would have the same simple blouse pattern. Whether it is about comfort, style, trend, class or these entire put together, designer blouses give a vast choice. The ultimate fashion statement for today&aposs woman is a blend of traditional with trendy. Whether it's the attached blouse of a saree or a customized one, the blouse today has commands equal importance as a sari.

There are vast choices available today to customize blouses as per woman&aposs desire and dreams. Most popular designer blouse today are made from fabrics like cotton, silk, satin, georgette, crepe, brocade etc and are accentuated with different embellishments. Some of the trendiest and most preferred blouse designs are halter neck, tube choli, spaghetti, tie ups, single shoulder, backless choli, stringed back and bikini style.

1. Halter Neck Blouse: With no sleeves, they are tie ups behind the neck or are stitched with emphasis on back and neck.

2. Tube Choli Blouse: Tube choli is one with no shoulders and has a body-hugging pattern. It can be a bustier just covering the bust or it can be of waist length.

3. Spaghetti Style Blouse: This blouse can have noodle thin shoulder straps or just flat strings with no sleeves.

4. Tie-Up Style Blouse: With no button or zip, this choli has long straps that are tied in a knot at the lower back.

5. Single Shoulder Style Blouse: Single shoulder is a blouse with just one shoulder strap or sleeve, leaving the other shoulder bare.

6. Backless Choli Style Blouse: A show stopper, it leaves the back bare with a little tie up.

7. Stringed Back Style Blouse: Stringed back style of designer blouse as the name suggests is one with strings or tie -ups of different shapes and sizes.

8. Bikini Style Blouse: Bikini style designer blouse as the name suggests, looks like a bikini. This style is very popular with celebrities.