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Buy Women Silk Cotton Salwar Kameez

The name says it all, but to spell it out once again, silk cotton salwars are garments that are a mix of both silk and cotton blended into one. The basic texture of the fabric is as warm as silk, but it is heavier than silk. It is also thicker than silk on its own. But the unique selling point of this fabric lies in the fact that it is extremely durable, making it preferable for wear for longer periods of time and at events that are held on outdoor locations as well. It has a superior substance and body when compared to cotton and is less slippery than silk due to its heavier weight, making it a preferred choice for women of all age groups.

These days more women seem to be opting for unstitched silk cotton salwars over their plain silken and cotton counterparts for occasions like the mehendi and sangeet and other festive gatherings as silk cotton is definitely the lighter of the other two fabrics, while at the same time being very simple to maintain for long periods of time as it has a much higher durability factor. It is also a very good option for women who are in the academics profession as these unstitched salwars lend the wearer a look of charm and elegance, while at the same time maintaining an aura of professionalism that is required for the job. Sporting a unique unstitched silk cotton salwar creation is sure to make you one of the teachers that all the students have a crush on!

Another factor in favor of these unstitched blended suits is that they are also much more friendly to the pocket when compared to pure silk salwars . With Chennai being particularly famous for this brand of fabric with a high number of elite outlets specializing in these kinds of salwars, there is no shortage of exquisite creations of this kind. And of course, as is the trend with Cbazaar, who follow a strict policy of nothing but the best for our clients, we have sourced our products from some of these renowned dealers and bring to you a selection of the finest unstitched silk cotton salwars in the market, at affordable prices, right at your doorstep. With delivery all over the US and Canada, there is no reason all you lovely women out there should miss out on such a lovely garment. Order your salwars now!

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