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The Salwar is the trouser component of the garment. It can be tailored loose or tight fit and made from a vast array of fabrics including silk or cotton. The "> new Salwars are always tied at the womens waist by means of drawstring. The Kameez is the shirt component of the outfit. The Kameez can be tailored short or long dependent upon the individuals preference. The modern day Kameez tends to be a lot less modest than the traditional designs which were introduced to South Asia by the Muslim invaders of the time. To complete the outfit women wear a dupatta around the neck this is essentially a long scarf. The dupatta is usually heavily embroidered and matches in colour. The dupatta in South Asian culture is an essential component of the outfit as it allows the individual to cover their head in the presence of elders and when entering places of worship. This practice of covering heads by women is common place throughout South Asia.

The "> new Salwars are favoured all across South Asia by women due to its adaptability. By varying the garments embroidery, fabric colour and quality of fabric the Salwar Kameez is an outfit for all occasions whether formal or casual. As it is tailored from many fabrics the Salwar Kameez can be worn in varying climates. In western countries the Salwar Kameez is becoming a common sighting on the streets as established immigrant communities are bringing this style of clothing into the mainstream with a fusion of western and eastern design styles and fabrics.

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