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With several new arrivals in fashion industry, people may feel that there is down fall of traditional attires, but in reality the craze for traditional outfits is still in peak. Moreover, its usage is never restricted to its place of origin. It is widely in use by women in other countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Among them Pakistan deemed salwar kameez to be its traditional attire and made innovations as per their custom. Some of the features that differentiate Pakistani salwar suit from other styles include kameez length, fitting, slit, and sleeves. Pakistani suit aims to cover the entire body of a woman as a means to respect feministic features. Pakistani kameez are usually long with length extended below the knee. With respect to sleeves, it is always full till the wrist. The side slits of kameez are never too long and the fitting is never too tight clearly revealing the body shape. However, some of the designer wears are encouraging changes in the basic model. Exclusive beauty and unmatched grace makes this outfit world famous. Women from India especially those residing in the north region love this type of salwar and felt comfortable wearing it for daily use. Although the concept of stitching is still in practice, people are realizing the benefits of ready to use garments. In addition, based on people demand readymade Pakistani salwar suit began to be sold in all textile market on global scale. Online stores further popularized the beauty of Pakistani suit. Previously in India, this outfit was used by Muslim women during festivals and occasions. Later, women from other religion accepted it as common outfit proving their thought of nationality. It is being available in varying sizes to suit women of any body shape. The color combination of Pakistani suit never follows specific rule, it is open to any shade be it vibrant or cool. Nowadays, purchase of readymade Pakistani salwar has become easier through Internet. At Cbazaar, one of the best online shops, you can find wide range of readymade Pakistani salwar suits at nominal price. Women residing in Australia love Cbazaar products for unique style and design. They can place orders by visiting the site
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