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A kaftan is a kind of Islamic Clothing and has its origins in the country of Persia.It is an overdress,with long,loose flowing sleeves,traditionally reaching to the ankles,like a gown or a long dress.But with the evolution of time and fashion trends,a myriad variety of variations of this garment have emerged.Kaftans are usually made of wool,cashmere,silk,or cotton.It can also be accessorized with a sash or a belt,to give it a more fitted or formal look.Besides Islamic dresses Such as Islamic Salwar Kameez,Abaya and etc Kaftan is also very popular.

It is a popular variant of the robe or tunic for the fashion conscious women all over the world,and since its introduction,has been adapted by countless cultures across the globe,such as the Ottomans,Moroccans,Russians,West African,Southeast Asian and American people,to be worn,as per the norms of the society they inhabit.This garment is very closely associated with Islamic culture,due to its Persian origins.

In the times of monarchy and dictatorship,Kaftans were often worn as court robes.The splendor of the decorations on the kaftan indicated the rank of the person who was wearing it in the royal court.Sovereigns often gave ornate kaftans as a gift to show their approval and it was considered a great sign of honor and recognition to be gifted one.

As time went by and the political scenario changed for the better,the Kaftan too evolved from a garment for the privileged,to the common fashion accessory it is today.

Kaftans must have looks -

The Arabic look: The Ottoman way of dressing Kaftans popularizes the garment in Arabic countries.The royalty of this dress is its comfort and the light weight of the dress.The jewelries combined with the dress give it altogether a Mughal look.Not a miss royalty for sure.

The Modern look: The dressing styles In the Western culture,Kaftans in Aztec or geometric print,are often worn as a cover up over a swimsuit or a bikini,with or without a pair of shorts.It is most ideal for a walk on the beach and can also double up as a dress for a casual dinner with the addition of chunky neck pieces and bangles,teamed with a pair of high heels.

The Official look: On this side of the world,Kaftans are most often wore over a pair of well-tailored trousers or as a dress,making it the perfect ensemble for any social gathering or festival.

The Festival look: Kaftans in bright,vibrant shades with decorative detailing on the yoke trailing down to the base of the garment are popular this season.Georgette is a preferred fabric for this garment as it gives the whole outfit a rich and classy feel.

Fashion forecasters have even gone as far to predict that the Kaftan is likely to make a big splash in the upcoming festival of Eid. For all you people who hate missing out on a trend,Cbazaar's newly launched collection of Party Wear Kaftans , for this festive season are the perfect way for you to get started on your quest for the perfect ensemble.So go ahead,and buy your favorite Kaftan soon and you're sure to stand out of the crowd this Eid!

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