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Tiruchirapalli was the capital city of Cholas in the early 300 B.C. with Woraiyur, an area in the modern day Trichy as their headquarters. Famed for its temples and rich heritage since the age of Cholas, Tiruchirapalli or the now commonly known Trichy has its roots delve deep into Tamil Nadu history. According to literature references, it was under the rule of Cholas even during the Kalabhara interregnum between 300 and 575 A.D.

Karikala Cholan, a famous ruler of the Chola dynasty built the oldest dam of Kallanai across river Kaveri which is located 10 miles from Uraiyur. The Rock Fort is one of the oldest monuments in Indian and Tamil Nadu history which was laid foundation by the Pallava King Mahendra Varman I during the sixth century AD.

After the end of Pallava period with no strong heir, Cholas took over the city and ruled it for a vast amount of time during which it was prosperous in trade activities.

Their rule again came to an end around 1215 and Pandyas took over the kingdom who ruled Tiruchirapalli till 1311 before being defeated by the Muslim Ruler Malik Kafur. Local legend tales says that the Lord Ranganaraja idol in the temple was hastily shifted to another area to save it from the Sultan rulers and later it was restored when the kingdom fell into the hands of the Vijayanagara empire.

After various rulers fought over the land while Vijanayagara Empire and Madurai Nayak Kingdom enjoyed the most period in ruling Trichy, it fell into the hands of the British empire who called it as Trichinopoly.

Later on, it evolved into one of the famed temple for Hindu followers and house of the aesthetic caste of Brahmins in the Srirangam temple area which comprises of historical monuments and literature.

Shopping areas in Trichy are aplenty where you can get everything right from taditional wears like saree, salwas to modern day jeans. But, however the traditional silk sarees and the like are which the city is famous for. The Cigar Factory in Woraiyur is famed for its handmade cigars and for the women, the handloom cotton sarees are the best buy. Flower Bazaar in Srirangam is another area where you can get the best flowers in Sathaara street which is the epicenter of wholesale and retail dealers.

The 128 year old Gandhi Market situated in the heart of the city has rich historic heritage and it is always brisk with activity.

Retail shops like Kalpana Sarees, Mn Nagendran Sons, Ambay Textiles, Deenam, Ashapuri Sarees and Sree Ahillalas offer some exquisite collection that are sure to take your breath away. Even some renowned saree shops of Chennai like the Chennai Silks have their branches inaugurated in Tiruchirapalli.