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The city of Chennai originated hundreds of years before 1620 itself and it was then called Thondaimandalam with its military headquarters situated at Puzhal. The modern Chennai that we see now originated when the British settlements made their stronghold in a small fishing hamlet. Established in the year 1639, it was named Madarasa Pattinam which became a hugely popular reference to the city.

Even till 1997, it was called as Madras after which has been changed into Chennai by the Tamil Nadu government. The city had undergone drastic changes in its infrastructure in these years during the British rule and after that.

The area Madarasa Pattinam was gifted by Raja of Chandragiri after in the year 1644 the settlement grew based on St. George fort known as George town. It was granted the first municipal charter in 1688 by James II which is claimed a glory even by modern day rulers of Tamil Nadu.

The shopping area shifted with time from one place to another. Earlier, it was Central that acted as a Hub for trade and shopping especially during the British empire. Later, it moved on to Paris which houses hundreds of shops catering to all consumer needs.

It is surprising yet Saree shopping is still one of the best at Madarasapattinam which is now referred to as Old Washermenpet. It was the origin of clothing and dyes when the city first originated. Later, with the introduction of metro rail that connected the city, West Mambalam the area surrounding T Nagar and Panagal Park slowly emerged to unbeatable heights in shopping.

Today, the saree shops in Panagal Park are some of the best places to buy all types of sarees. Chennai is one of the leading hub of saree sales especially with heritage shops like Nalli, Sri Kumaran and the new ones RMKV, Pothys making huge sales every day.

What appears to be a crowd is what keeps the economy moving forward and any tourist visiting Chennai wouldnâ??t want to miss the saree shopping experience that T Nagar has to offer on their each visit. All new brands and designer fabrics will be launched simultaneously with these shops as the leading buyers. Apart from that, we have Pursawalkam, Paris and Washermenpet in the lead for saree shopping experience.

For a wonderful collection of sarees and huge lot to choose from, Chennaiâ??s shopping areas are among the best for you to make a choice!

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