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Bhuj is surrounded by fort walls. It faced a major earthquake in 2001 but has recuperated to becoming one of the finest tourist attractions in India.

Reaching Bhuj is really simple. You can fly to bhuj from Mumbai or Ahmedabad. Bhuj is well connected by rail too, few trains pass through the city but still the city remains well connected because of the frequency of trains that sop in nearer towns that are less than 1 kms from the city. Comfortable bus services are available too from Ahmedabad.

The best time to visit Bhuj would be during the winters. As the summers are Extra hot and torrential rains are a major hindrance to movement.

Bhuj has a unique identity for special clothing. Block printing and traditional embroidery techniques are practiced here. And they have remained untouched and un influenced ny changing trends retaining the originality that they always had.

One of the most famous events that happen here is the Rann Utsav that attracts tourists from across the world. Foreigners come in scores for this event held during the months of February and March. Traditional handicrafts are put on display at good prices.

Bhuj is also very famous for the bandhani. Bandhani is a very exclusive piece of clothing to the Kutchh. The bandhani is of very dark colours with dark background and represent the true rich colours of India. Bandhani are used to stitch Salwar Kameez, Choli and also used as sarees.

Buying something unique will be the dream of every shopper and Bhuj the city of bandhani will help you realize it. The numerous villages around Bhuj that practice printing and embroidering is also sure to dazzle every visitor.

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