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Cities in Andhra Pradesh


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In the state of Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada which was earlier known as Bezawada is famous for its archeological importance and its prominent position in history with respect to civilization. It is the third largest city of the state which is based on the banks of Krishna River and is surrounded by Indrakiladri Hills on the West and the Budameru River on the North.

Bezawada was in vogue for a long time until the Chalukyas of Kalyan and with their victory it was re named as â??Vijayawadaâ?? which literally means â??The Place of Victoryâ??. For the political milieu of present day and for the rulers of the olden age era, Vijayawada served as an eminent kingdom with its supreme power reigning over the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Even in the period of 639 AD, famous explorer and land archeologist from China Hsuan Tsang visited Vijayawada and wrote notes on the extensive practice of Buddhism in the region. By the 12th century, kings Choda Gangadeva and Ananga Bhimadeva of Eastern Ganga Dynasty built the Lingaraja temple and conquered a large part of modern day Andhra Pradesh. Despite their repetitive efforts, they were unable to cross the Godavari river with their army and settled naming the town in the region as â??Vijaya Bahudaâ?? which is Oriya means return after winning.

King Madhava Varma is said to be the founder of this city and only during the period of British Raj it witnessed significant growth in terms of cultural and modern day development. In 1959, Prakasam Barrage was constructed and the railway bridge on Krishna river helped irrigation and agricultural purposes.

In present day, Vijayawada is one of the business hub of Andhra Pradesh offering some of the richest commodities in India including consumer goods, clothing, edible and other handcrafted items. Hugely popular for its different fabric styles offered, the area of Vastralatha is the market place of the city.

Almost all kind of silk sarees which are available in the Southern part of India is also sold here apart from its exclusive imports from Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Northern states of India. The area of Vastralatha houses numerous saree shops like the most popular Sri Sesha Sai Silks, Shreerama Silk House, Vijayalakshmi Sarees, Aparna Silk House, Guru Srinivasa Silks and much more.

The area of Vastralatha is very closely located to the Railway Station giving it easy access for commuters to go on a shopping spree and the transportation is very customer friendly throughout the day. Export industries also developed in the area due to its ease of route to train goods transportation.

Fabric choices with highly embellished Zaris include Pochampalli sarees, Chandana brother sarees, Nakshtra Sarees, Anuraga sarees and much more. Any women would love to spend time in this area and shopping in Vijayawada as itâ??s a shopperâ??s delight especially for its wide variety of sarees offered. Taking time to pick the right collection will give products worthy for the cost.